Interested in starting running or joining South Cheshire Harriers?

New to running?

As a Club we do provide support for runners of all abilities but for new runners it is important that we have a suitable session available so would ask you to consider contacting us before first coming to a training night. Our coaches will be able to advise further training and answer any additional questions you may have. In the first instance, please contact us here or call 07811 149350   Please also note the insurance disclaimer (PDF) in relation to our UK Athletics insurance

Runners should familiarise themselves with following guidance before running:

If you've already started running or you would like to work on your fitness before coming to run with us please see the suggested training programme outlined below.

You would probably be best starting on a walk/jog programme. We have used this method with several groups of new beginners over the past few years and it has proved to be a very successful way of getting new runners used to continuous running.

A good starting point for beginners is getting them to do 3 sessions a week of about 25 — 30 minutes. Each session starts with a 3 minute jog followed by a 2 minute walk and then repeats. So a 30 minute session would be made up in total of 18 minutes of jogging (6 x 3mins) and 12 minutes of walking (6 x 2 mins). Because the beginner is getting a chance to recover during the walking breaks, it means that they are able to run for a longer total distance than they would if they tried to do a continuous run straight away. The programme is progressive, so the jogging sections would gradually be extended, but still with the 2 minute walking breaks. For example, after a few weeks you might have progressed on to 8 minute jogs, so that a 30 minute session would then consist of 24 minutes of jogging and only 6 minutes of walking.

Progression should always be at the beginner's pace as some people will start the programme with a lower level of basic fitness than others, but we have found that even the most unfit person will be able to progress to a 30 minute continuous run within 3 months. For younger, fitter beginners it will sometimes only take a month to get to that stage providing that they have been doing the sessions regularly.

Running and want to join a club?

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