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Steven Hargreaves Memorial Shield

Steven was a key member of SCH and for many years. He made a significant impact and contribution to the success of the club and many of its members. He is remembered for his dedication, commitment and support in ensuring the club and its members achieved their best. His many personal qualities are reflected in the criteria for this award. Individual running achievement is not a factor in this award.

Members are invited to vote for any member of SCH who is a highly valued member of the Club, who inspires others and attributes in the following areas:
  • Always willing to offer assistance, support and encouragement to fellow runners e.g. leading/organising runs; helping individuals reach their personal running goals
  • Gives 100% of themselves when participating in competitive running for the club
  • Steadfastly and consistently dedicates his or her time to support the club’s activities e.g. organisation of club races, training and social activities
  • Has greatly contributed to the club, above and beyond what might be expected from an ordinary member
  • By regular attendance at training sessions
  • Willingness to participate in team activities across all running disciplines
  • Loyalty to the club
  • Seen by others as an ambassador for club
  • Embodies all the qualities that Steven and the club value
Any supporting comments

The Most Improved Runner award is based on championship race results over the past two years, with a shortlist selected by the race managers / club captains.

Danielle Kenny
Claire Kivlin
Serena Van Schepdael

Mark Beckett
Dave Morris
Robin Zoka